About Us



“INDIAN LAW PARTNERS" is a multi jurisdictional law firm belonging to the new generation of law firms which have synergized the quintessence of traditional conservatism with a modern, highly professional and result oriented approach in dealing with a wide variety of legal and quasi–legal issues. 

We provide a full range of legal services and handle all aspects of business and finance. 

Our approach is to combine the legal expertise with an appreciation of the commercial environment in which our clients operate, so as to extend valuable and constructive solutions to our client’s problems. 

In addition to the legal services we assist them in their analysis and decision making.

Our Firm operates as one consortium: one member of our firm acts as the inter-face or a ready point of contact who looks after the varied requirements of the client and draws upon the legal expertise of the rest of the lawyers of the firm for dealing with the problem of the client.

Meticulous attention to details, thoroughly researched case studies, an abiding desire to protect the legitimate interests of our clients and a sense of identity with the issues we take up constitute the hallmarks of our firm. 

We extend personal attention to our clients, individual or corporate and observe the highest standards of professional ethics and rectitude. 

To maintain these exacting benchmarks we draw on the expertise of a highly qualified and motivated team of legal experts who have distinguished themselves in successfully handling diverse and difficult cases covering a vast panorama of civil, commercial and service laws and highly complicated set of tax law.

Service to our clients with dignity, difference and efficiency is our mission and motto.