Areas Of Operation



Our firm provides legal expertise in the following areas: Our general law practice extends to various laws including:

  • Civil matter
  • Criminal matter
  • Matters related to dishonor of cheques
  • Consumer disputes
  • Real Estate Issues
  • Liasioning with local police and other government departments

We Represent Our Clients in the following Courts all over India:

  • Supreme Court of India 
  • State High Courts 
  • District Courts
  • Consumer Forums

Tribunals such as 

  • Arbitration
  • Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practice Competition Commission of India
  • Central Administrative Tribunal Competition Appellate Tribunal
  • BIFR
  • DRT


The Corporate field is covered by statutes and a network of intricate rules of procedure. These rules are to the extent that all aspects of corporate operations are regulated by one or the other statutory provisions. 

The scope of this field has been greatly widened with the recent liberalization extended towards foreign investors and consequent change in Government rules and regulations. 

We undertakes all legal work relating to

· Joint Ventures/Collaborations

· SPVs

· Due-Diligence Reports

· RBI/FEMA regulations

· Agreements/Contracts such as :Confidentiality, Licensing, Guarantee, Share Purchase, Collaboration Agreement, Joint Venture Agreements 

· MOUs

· Agency and Franchise Law, compliances, vetting of corporate correspondence

· Liasoining with government departments

Real Estate

The Real Estate transactions are now a days requires lots of legal help and acumen since many documents are required to be prepared and requirements needs to be fulfilled before any transaction in the Real Estate Field is completed. 

In order to get a transaction smoothly completed we have been specifically providing all kind of helps in this field. 

We undertake following activities in Real Estate Sector:

· Preparing LOIs/Agreement to Sell at the initial level, drafting/vetting final title documents/tripartite Agreements/ checking Loan documents, if any.

· Conducting a complete and through due diligence of Land/property being the subject matter of the transaction.

· Checking the documents with the revenue authorities/Developer as the case may be.

· Liasoning with the parties/concerned persons to get fast movement of the transaction and getting the initiation level documents executed at an early date.

· Completing all formalities in consonance with the parties in order to finalize the dates for executing the final title documents.

· Getting the final title documents executed in the office of the concerned Sub Registrar/Developer as the case may be.

Cyber Law

We have extensive expertise and experience in IT and cyber law. 

We work with a pragmatic approach to provide comprehensive and strategic legal advice to our clients. 

We count many information technology and software companies amongst our clients, from start-up companies to Large Corporates. 

We regularly advise our corporate clients on the data protection, privacy and protection of proprietary rights. 

Our team has experience in advising on IT related issues including general regulatory compliance, data transfer, employee monitoring and surveillance, data breaches and data retention. We also advise our clients on regulatory laws on the latest IT innovations. 

We represent our clients in disputes related to cyber-crimes and other online offenses (cyber bullying,theft, hacking, leaks). We have advised various clients on cyber breach,cyber theft and guided throughout relevant procedures.

Intellectual Property Rights

Assists clients in the registration of their intellectual property rights and their protection, including trademark, design, patent, copyright. 

For trademarks, we conduct the necessary trademark and domain name search, clearance of title, registration filings and other compliances. We also provide post-registration services and renewals. 

We also draft IP related agreements and manage IP portfolios: licensing, franchising, assignment and transfer of technology. 

Our team has experience in representing clients in IP related disputes in all appropriate forums: infringement, passing off, free riding, objections to registration, revocation/cancellation etc.